JOHN-May 2019.

I was slated to pull into Split, Croatia onboard a US aircraft carrier, and I found this tour online and booked it for my squadron. I reached out to the company to begin setting it up, and Damir got back to me immediately with all the options available to us. We decided on the Zinfandel Origin Wine Tour, and Damir sent me all the details. I forwarded it on to my squadron and almost right away I had all 30 members sign up in incredibly excited fashion. Based on our relatively short stay we had dinner plans that night, so I asked Damir if it was possible to switch the dinner at the second winery to lunch and go there first. He was able to make the switch right away. We then had to switch dates due to scheduling, and he was able to work with both the wineries and bus company to accommodate our shift in schedule. Every single question and request was answered and handled immediately by Damir personally. He was incredibly friendly and so easy to work with. Anything we needed he catered to, and my squadron and I were so excited to go on this wine tour. In a most unfortunate circumstance our trip to Croatia ended up being cancelled altogether due to rising conflict in other parts of the world. Everyone was crushed because the trip was going to be so amazing, and Damir had customized it for us to ensure it was perfect. Damir’s willingness to assist us in any way possible, and his overall friendliness and generosity made a lasting impact on me, and as a result I will now be returning to Croatia on my own after I complete this deployment. Damir and his company made the greatest impression of Croatian citizens possible, and I cannot wait to finally get there, see the country, and go on the Zinfandel Origins Wine Tour! Despite having not done it yet, if you want a tour with an awesome guide and an awesome company this is the one you want. I personally recommend it as highly as possible based on the ease of planning alone. No doubt the tour itself is the best day you could have. Damir, on behalf of a grateful US Naval Aviation squadron, thank you so much! We’ll be back!

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